In the Garden –Feed Your Soil

This month in the garden is a time to feed your soil. In our area we have a maritime soil due to all the rain. This washes out a lot of nutrients and leaves our soil slightly acidic. Therefore, every spring we need to put in some alkalizing agent to adjust the pH of our garden soil. Garden lime is the easiest way to accomplish this. There are 2 common kinds of lime used in the garden. Agricultural lime is a fine powder and soaks into the soil immediately. Granular lime is a larger particle and breaks down slower throughout the season. I like to put a mixture of 1/2 and 1/2. So the pH is adjusted quickly but there is still some left as the season goes on.

Another way to replace nutrients in the soil is Azomite. This is ground up minerals to add back to the soil. It also comes in 2 forms: powdered and granular. I add this at the same time I am adding my lime every spring.

REMEMBER ALL THOSE LOVELY NUTRIENTS YOU ARE EATING IN YOUR FOOD CAME FROM THE SOIL. It is important to replace what you took out of your soil to keep it healthy and growing good things for you to eat.

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