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Bunnies Galore

It is spring time and the world is renewing itself! This is my favorite time of year with all the plants coming out of their sleep and all the baby animals running around. On my mom’s property, which is next … Read More

Dandelion Wars

  Dandelion Wars   Spring has sprung and the dandelions are in full bloom. At our house, my husband and I have the same argument every year about the same thing—DANDELIONS! Where he sees an obnoxious weed that needs to … Read More

Managing Pests in Your Garden

If you have committed yourself to building a garden, then you have also committed yourself to fighting off pests. If it hasn’t happened yet, consider yourself lucky. At some point every gardening enthusiast will need to manage pests to protect … Read More

Fresh Hay

It’s that time of year again! Coming into the store we’ve got a large fresh stock of well cured hay. We carry timothy hay, orchard hay and alfalfa all from Eastern Oregon. We also carry local hay grown in the … Read More